Sergii Kraychinsky
Sergii Kraychinsky

Private Bailiff and Chairman of the Council of Private Bailiffs

executive district of c.Kyiv


More than 20 years of his life Sergei Kraychinsky devoted his work to state institutions. Professional legal thinking, based on an extremely high normative culture, expressed in firm belief in the inviolability of the letter and spirit of the law, as well as such features of character as honesty, responsibility and confidence, have always been the key to success in the professional activities of Sergey.

Starting his career in 1997 from the position of the court executor of the Zarichnensky District Court of Rivne Oblast, he continued to be the chief executive officer of the Division for the enforcement of decisions of the Office of the State Bailiff Service of the Main Territorial Department of Justice in Kyiv in 2017, Acting Head of the State Department Executive service of the Obolonsky district justice department in the city of Kyiv, deputy director of the department - the head of department for the enforcement of decisions Department that state executive service of Ukraine of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

Sergey has a high level of knowledge in the field of law, freely oriented in the legislative framework, working with documents using modern automation systems. Due to his experience, he can adapt to any socio-psychological conditions, has got established and constructive relations and interaction with various institutions, enterprises and citizens.

 In June 2017, within the framework of the reform of the system of execution of court decisions, successfully passed the exam and one of the first to receive a certificate of a private performer. Since then, he has been acting as the private executive of the executive district of Kyiv and holds the post of Chairman of the Council of Private Performers of Kyiv.

 In addition to the direct activities of a private performer, Sergei Kraychynsky actively engages in community activities, takes part in the development, formulation and approval of the regulatory framework, foundation, legal basis for the activities of private performers.


  • Yaroslav Mudriy National Law University - Master of Law