AMCU proposed the Cabinet, in addition to "SETAM", to allow other players to organize trades arrested property

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) proposes to the Cabinet of Ministers to liberalize the model of realization of the arrested property and to allow other players to organize such trades, insisting on the noncompetitive situation of the state enterprise "CETAM", according to the published presentation materials of the Antimonopoly Committee.

"On July 9, at an additional meeting, the Cabinet of Ministers approved a proposal for the possible liberalization of the existing model for the implementation of the arrested property, and the Cabinet of Ministers will determine whether it will support these proposals," - commented the head of the Antimonopoly Committee Yuri Terentyev, answering the question of the Interfax-Ukraine agency on Tuesday during a press briefing.

By a decision dated March 11, 2015, on the realization of such property through electronic auctions, the government has identified SETAM as the sole organizer of electronic bidding by the arrested property. This puts public and private executives in direct dependence on him without the possibility of providing them with poor-quality and untimely services to choose another bidder, indicated in the presentation materials published by the committee.

In particular, the Committee recommends that the Cabinet of Ministers establish the criteria for bidding organizers and the procedure for their selection, determine the upper limit of the remuneration of the organizer and differentiate the functions of the bid organizer and the entity that provides the software of the electronic trading system.

At the same time, SEATAM at the end of June 2018 announced the opening of access through the "open source code" (API) to the lots of the arrested property for sites connected to "Prozorto.Svodzhi."

As Y.Terentyev noted, the Ministry of Justice presented to the committee a road map, which should satisfy the recommendations of the committee on the results of market research in 2016. At a meeting on July 5, the committee considered several petitions of the Ministry of Justice, among which - to postpone the consideration of this issue until the full implementation of the "road map", the final date of which is May 2019.

"The committee granted this request partially: it was announced a break until October 1. That is, the Ministry of Justice received 2.5 months to demonstrate progress in the implementation of the planned activities," - said the head of the AMCU.

It was reported that the AMC in 2016 after investigating the market for the sale of the arrested property ordered the Ministry of Justice to amend the regulatory acts that provide for the possibility of carrying out activities in this market through electronic trading not only SE "SEAM" but also other sub " objects of management. In particular, the committee addressed the Cabinet of Ministers proposal to revise the Government's order No. 212 of March 11, 2015, to ensure competitive conditions on the market for the sale of the arrested property.

Meanwhile, on January 31, 2018, the government, by its order, secured the "monopoly" functions of the organizer of electronic trading with the arrested property.

Source: Interfax

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