The Ministry of Justice has presented online courses in enforcement proceedings

The courses contain the necessary theoretical knowledge for further in-depth learning and professional decision-making activities

The Ministry of Justice has presented educational online courses on "Fundamentals of Enforcement Proceedings" and "Executive Proceedings: An In-depth Course."

The courses are developed by the online education studio EdEra with the participation of national experts and the support of the OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine. They contain the necessary theoretical knowledge for further in-depth training and professional decision-making activities.

“Most often the problem is not the process of obtaining the court decision itself, but the mechanism of its execution. Our goal is to reach the indicator in the developed countries of Western Europe. We have a clear strategy for this.

First, the future is the competition of private and public contractors. It is the competition that will demonstrate the viability of the idea with state performers. A similar situation now exists with private notaries - there is no doubt that they are more in demand among people than state. Therefore, the first priority is to build the system in the plane of competition. To this end, we will ensure a level playing field for public and private contractors.

In order to ensure fair competition, rules and mechanisms for admission to the profession should be transparent and clear. At the same time, a specialist entering the profession must be clearly competent, so the exam must be uniquely difficult.

The next is the gradual expansion of the competence of private contractors. Of course, there are discussions on sensitive issues such as the selection of a child, eviction, etc., but by weighing the pros and cons, we will be able to come up with effective decisions on the scope of such powers.

Finally, the ways and formats of training private contractors should be expanded. This is so that the person wishing to gain access to the profession can choose a convenient way to gain knowledge - online, offline, and more. The key issue is the quality of such knowledge and their sufficiency for further effective work, ”said Andriy Gaychenko, Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine for Executive Service.

Course in Fundamentals of Enforcement Proceedings:

Who will be interesting:

- to persons who intend to carry out the activity of a private contractor;

- Master's students in law;

- professional communities: legal, creditor, others;

- government contractors with up to 1 year of service.

What is it about:

- basic concepts about the system of enforcement of decisions,

- the legal status of the bodies and persons implementing the decisions, their rights and responsibilities,

- the procedure and procedure for executing enforcement proceedings.

This course will provide the necessary theoretical knowledge for further advanced learning and professional decision-making activities.

Executive Production Course: Advanced Course:

Who will be interesting:

- future private contractors;

- state contractors with work experience up to 1 year;

- to all interested in the subject of executive proceedings, first of all students of law faculties and professional communities: legal, creditor.

What is it about:

This course will introduce the organization of the activities of ICE bodies and private contractors. It is possible to learn the peculiarities of the mechanism of enforcement proceedings, to study the jurisdiction and competencies of the respective courts and the peculiarities of recovering the property of the debtor. The program of the course is based on the "List of compulsory issues on which training of persons who intend to pursue the activities of a private contractor"

How to take the courses:

To complete the courses, follow the link: to the appropriate course, log in, listen to all the modules provided in the course, take the final test and get a certificate.


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