Reform in the field of executive decisions causes a lot of controversy and myths, despite the successful and effective experience of almost the whole world. The emergence of private performers has generated a lot of fears and stories about the fantastic incomes of representatives of the new profession. What is really happening, why reform should lead, and why so few people want to become private performers, we questioned Ruslan Sidorovich, people's deputy of Ukraine of the 8th convocation, co-author of the laws № 1404-VIII and 1403-19.

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On October 10, 2017, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine hosted a workshop for private performers.

Service documents are determined by the nomenclature of cases of a state executive service or a private executor. Documents that fall within the competence of the bodies of the state executive service, private executors include documents which are created or received by the bodies of the state executive service, the private executor in the enforcement of decisions, and other official documents. The documents of executive proceedings, including complaints, petitions of the parties, other participants in the enforcement proceedings, and materials on the outcome of their consideration are an integral part of the enforcement proceedings and are joined to it.

Deputy Minister of Justice on Issues of the Executive Service, member of the Judicial Reform Council Sergei Shklyar, on the compliance of the parties to the enforcement proceedings.

Dear friends and colleagues, the legal company "Toda Group" congratulates all Ukrainian lawyers on their professional holiday.

This day unites notaries, public prosecutors, state and private executors, judges, lawyers, employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - in a word, all people whose professional activity has become justice. The main task of this profession is to establish justice. Only employees of the legal industry are able to ensure compliance with the law, lawfulness in both external and internal functioning of the state.

On September 25-28, the Ministry of Justice, at the invitation of the State Enterprise "Lithuanian Center of Registers" (Lithuanian Republic), with the support of the EU Project "Support to Justice Reforms", organized a study visit of the first private executives and representatives of the NAIS to the Lithuanian republic.