The head of the training and methodical cabinet of higher education at the Institute of Law and Postgraduate Education of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, Oleksandr Kuz, highlights the problematic issues of collecting executive fees and the basic remuneration of a private performer.

From Monday, 21.08.2017, the first private enforcement officers opened the door for the reception of cases for execution. This is a really long-awaited moment of the history of Ukraine as a whole and the legal system of Ukraine in particular.

Toda LLC co-operates and provides legal and technical  support to the following private enforcement officers of the Kiev district:

  • Shcherbakov Igor Nikolaevich
  • Kraychynsky Sergey Stanislavovich

The minimum payment under the insurance contract liability of private enforcement officer in 2017 is 3.2 million UAH

Today begins training the first wave of people who want to become private competitors. Since the beginning of their studies welcomed the Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine on Sergei Shkliar executive service.

Sergey Kraychynskyy made a report "Private enforcement officers - a new legal subjects" at the III Legal Banking Forum

Detailed view of text of the report can be on the following link.