The Legal High School has started the Third International Forum on the enforcement proceedings. The focus of the first panel discussion "Achievements and prospects of Ukraine in the implementation of decisions" are the following issues: the results of the reform of enforcement proceedings; summary enforcement proceedings: legislative myth and reality; private executor vs state executor: problems of interaction and organization of work; experience of the disciplinary commission of private performers - the problem of unity of approaches; reasons for reducing access to the profession of private performers; problems of ensuring security of participants in executive proceedings; Ministry of Private Executors: Regulatory Activity of the Association of Private Entrepreneurs of Ukraine.

From 28.08.2018 the amendments to the legislation in the field of state registration entered into force, introduced by the Law of Ukraine "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine Concerning the Creation of Economic Preconditions for Strengthening the Protection of the Right of the Child to Proper Maintenance," dated July 3, 2018, No. 2475-VIII.

Not so long ago, a new Law "On Limited Liability Companies" (the "Law") was implemented in Ukraine. However, long before the entry into force (and even before the adoption), the Law has caused a series of discussions, comments, discussions on the content of the provisions. And who has not discussed it with specialists - civilians, businessmen, corporative workers, and shipyards - the topics for discussion were not counted. The only, too modest were the executors - the collectors, who only noted for themselves the availability of the law, allowing collecting a share of the debtor in the company. However, the possibilities for using this procedure for many remain unclear until now.

After the entry into force of the order of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine "On Approval of Changes to the Instruction on the Organization of Enforcement of Decisions" of August 2, 2018, No. 2522/5.

Issues of global change in the process of forced execution began to be discussed in mass before the entry into force of the new Law of Ukraine "On Enforcement Proceedings" (hereinafter - the Law). The long-awaited adoption of this Law, which reformed the system of enforcement of court decisions and other bodies, finally enabled us to realize the aspirations of many people for the "bright future" of the forced execution process.