The institute of private enforcement of judgments instituted in Ukraine demonstrates the first results - private executives have created competition in the market and effectively levy debts. This was stated by Deputy Minister of Justice on Issues of the Executive Service Serhiy Shklyar.

A bill has been registered in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, which proposes to change the procedure for the enforcement of court decisions in labor disputes.

The Candidate of Legal Sciences, a private executor, Andrew Autorov, in his blog for Jurligi analyzed the changes that are expected in the enforcement procedure and whether they will benefit from them.

For our country, it seems to be strange if the reform is successful and some direction justifies public expectations. Such rare cases include the appearance of private performers last year. But suddenly they decided to quickly "interfere" with the tax ...

Indicators on the performance of private performers are higher than those of the state. However, European partners insist on accelerating the reform by increasing the number of "private traders" and consolidating in the legislation effective instruments for their activities. Domestic specialists suggest to adopt the Civil Code of Conduct.