Within the framework of the nationwide law-drafting project of the Ministry of Justice, "I AM LAW!" A new direction has begun, which will provide Ukrainians with comprehensive information on how to exercise their right to execute a court decision.

In connection with the commencement of the work of a new subject of enforcement (private performers), problematic issues related to the enforcement of judgments of courts and other bodies by different performers (state and private) regarding the same debtor began to emerge.

The Law of Ukraine of June 2, 2016 N 1403 "On the bodies and persons who execute the enforcement of court decisions and decisions of other bodies", as amended and supplemented (hereinafter - Law No. 1403), establishes that a private executor is a subject of independent professional activity.

The Procedure of interaction between the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Police and authorities and persons who enforce the enforcement of judgments and decisions of other bodies is approved.

Credit in dollars - can it be returned in UAH and on what course?

Can a court change the monetary equivalent of an obligation in a foreign currency?

How and when does an executor calculate the amount of debt in hryvnias if the obligation is determined by the monetary equivalent in foreign currency?

These and other questions concerning the execution of monetary liabilities in foreign currency as always arise during periods of currency fluctuations and are relevant not only for debtors and creditors but also primarily for performers.