The seizure of property, depending on the procedure of its imposition, can be divided into three categories:

The arrest imposed by the court as a form of securing the claim (at the request of the plaintiff);

Arrest imposed in the course of execution of enforcement proceedings (imposed by a private or public executor);

Arrest as a measure to ensure criminal proceedings (imposed upon the request of the prosecutor, investigator or civil plaintiff);

In this article we will discuss in detail the very first two types of arrests.

The Ministry of Justice will take over the experience of Croatia in introducing a system of electronic bank arrests. This was reported by the Director of the Department of Justice and National Security Oleksandr Oliynyk after the working visit of the delegation of the Ministry of Justice to the Republic of Croatia.

Yesterday, November 14, 2017, at the address: Kyiv, prov. Rilsky, 10, hosted the First All-Ukrainian Congress of Private Performers of Ukraine. The delegates of the congress of private performers voted for the order of holding the congress of private performers of Ukraine in the edition proposed by the private performers of the Dnipro river (the alternative was prepared by the Center for Commercial Law). In this case, the conflict of law rule (paragraph 6.4) that a member of the congress can not be part of the working bodies of the Association of Private Performers of Ukraine.

Serhiy Shklyar, Deputy Minister of Justice, answers the most exciting public questions regarding the work of private performers in Ukraine. Over the last year, much has changed. Already more than 110 people who have passed the exams successfully, and just over 70 who have already been registered and are working. There are already examples of successful implementation of fast and effective. There are examples when private executives from the moment of violation of enforcement proceedings until the transfer to the realization of the property fully performed the procedure in 10 days.

Foreign experts shared experience in reforming the executive system within the framework of the international conference on "Self-government of private performers of Ukraine: international experience in assisting the Ukrainian system."