The Ministry of Justice has presented educational online courses on "Fundamentals of Enforcement Proceedings" and "Executive Proceedings: An In-depth Course."

The state executive service and private executives were banned from seizing the accounts of companies that pay salaries or taxes. The relevant legal position is set forth in the decision of the Supreme Court as part of the panel of judges of the Cassation Economic Court in case No. 916/1572/19.

They can improve the business climate in the country by paying back the lion's share of debt.

There are only 200 of them, but they have already secured the execution of more than 80% of the judgments they have entrusted. They started work two years ago, but today are three times more efficient than government contractors who have been working for decades. And yet, until recently, the state has been more distracting than helping them. It's about private performers. This profession emerged in Ukraine as a result of the reform of the legal system by EU standards: private contractors have been working there for a long time and successfully. Does the new profession have a chance to help improve the economy of Ukraine - told us international expert of the EU's Justice-Justice Project Katilin Popov.

In 2023, actual enforcement should be at least 70% of court decisions, as opposed to 23.5% in 2018

The Cabinet of Ministers presented the program of its activity (draft resolution VR № 2186).