In the case of making a number of decisions on a single debtor, enforcement proceedings must be combined in one. However, this is not foreseen if one collector appeals to a public executive and the other to a private one. Therefore, it is likely that it will get more persistent, and not the one who has more rights.

On October 17, the "Financial Club" will hold a closed meeting on the subject: "Executive service reform: will private executives help companies to quickly recover their debts?"

Representatives of the Ministry of Justice, private executives, and experts discussed the draft Code of professional ethics of private performers.

The event took place at the LEAGUE press center.

The law firm Toda Group has vast experience in dealing with corporate and general business issues. Recently, Toda Group LLC has assumed the role of partner of private performers and already provides legal and technical assistance to several active private executives of the executive district of Kyiv. Taking into account our experience and involvement in the process of establishing the Institute of Private

On September 6, Kyiv hosted the II International Forum on Enforcement Proceedings. Summing up, I would like to highlight several aspects that were raised during the discussion of the work of the Institute of Private Entrepreneurs in Ukraine.

Katerina Schmidt, a private executor of Ukraine, devoted her problems to the interaction of private executives with banks and other collectors. In her opinion, the legislator gave the private executor sufficient opportunities in terms of checking the property status of the debtor.