“I’m not sure that the content of the state executive service is reasonable,” the expert of the EU project “Law-Justice” emphasized.

With the renewal of the Cabinet of Ministers, reforms in the work of the judiciary will inevitably await the country. In particular, in the field of executive service. The Institute of Private Executors appeared in Ukraine in the summer of 2016, after the adoption of the Law “On Bodies and Persons Enforcing Judicial Decisions and Decisions of Other Bodies” and the new version of the Law of Ukraine “On Enforcement Proceedings”. About what other changes await the profession in the future and what is planned to be undertaken to establish the productive work of private performers, the Judicial-Legal Newspaper talked with the international expert of the EU Law-Justice Project Katilin Popov.

Last Friday, a private-office record-keeping training session took place in Kyiv. The purpose of the event was to enable private contractors and their assistants, who have the functions of record keeping, to put their practical questions to the experts of the Ministry of Justice. A lot of questions have sparked a really lively discussion.

The new minister of justice was Denis Malyuska. We tell you about him.

Pavel Petrenko, Minister of Justice

The Constitution of Ukraine guarantees anyone who is legally resident in the territory of Ukraine freedom of movement, free choice of place of residence, free to leave the territory of Ukraine, except for restrictions established by law.

In addition, a citizen of Ukraine may not, for any reason, be restricted in the right of entry into Ukraine.

Enforcement of court decisions, despite a number of changes to the procedure and the introduction of the Institute of Private Enforcement Agents, remains a problematic stage of court proceedings, according to the interviewed by Interfax-Ukraine lawyers.