The current Law of Ukraine "On Agrarian Receipts" was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on November 6, 2012. Then lawmakers introduced in Ukraine a fundamentally new instrument for lending to agricultural producers, on which the future harvest is pledged.

How to study the code of ethics, do not get reprimanded, cooperate with the police and increase the number of women, discussed by lawyers at the congress. They also created a new institute that would save them from unjust punishment.

Attempts by representatives of the profession to counteract the hard burning of their activities by the Ministry of Justice are very timid.

The National Bank has decided, at first glance, a small but significant decision-making effect. Innovations not only improve the process of adoption by banks of enforcement proceedings, but also have a prospect for the development of a system of compulsory execution of decisions.

In 2017, the first private performers began to work in Ukraine. In a short time, the share of successfully executed court decisions increased 3 times compared with 2015. But on the way to the effective work of the "private owners" there are still many obstacles, among which there are 5 main ones.